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Investing with a plan-the common sense solution to retirement planning

October 11, 2023

I am always amused when folks ask questions like, "what is the best investment right now?" or "where should I put my money to get to retirement quicker?" These questions are often followed by the ever popular, "what are your fees?" or "should I buy gold?".

The answer is always a simple one. Create a financial plan that takes inventory of your investments,  matches your income needs to your assets, creates reliable income to preserve purchasing power and review your plan at intervals to ensure you are hitting your goals. Many industry studies have concluded that do it yourself investors often react emotionally and negatively impact their accounts. One such study is quoted here,

This article quotes a Dalbar study and says " the average equity fund investor lost over one fifth of their account balance during 2022. Equity investors lost 21.17% during the year against an S & P equity indext that lost 18.11%. This represents an investor gap of 3.06%"

We call that a "behavior gap". Working with a financial advisor who can help create and facilitate a plan can often avoid such negative results. Let us help you make common sense decisions based on mathematics. We are fiduciary advisors. There are several client relationships we can discuss. All of them put us on your side-we do better when you do. With no house products to sell, we are completely independent and dedicated to finding solutions that make sense for you. 

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